Your new zero-waste and reusable alternative for single-use kitchen paper towels.

24 Unpaper Towels, made from 100% cotton flannel. Super soft, durable, highly absorbent, machine-washable, re-rollable! Perfect for cleaning, on the go, as tissues, or as napkins!

Our Story.

Over 290 million tons of waste is generated annually in the U.S. alone. We believe this needs to change.

We want to support the reduction of waste in our world 
by getting back to the basics. We do this by providing reusable alternatives for single-use products, allowing you to buy less and waste less! And all while keeping your life easy at the same time!

Join us and reduce single-use, with ZeroWastely.

Meet our Unpaper Towels!

Save money and reduce 3000+ single-use kitchen paper-towels a year! 

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Unpaper Towels Roll of 24-Rainbow Edition.

  • SAVE MONEY & WASTE LESS | ZeroWastely’s Unpaper Towels replace up to 3000+ tissues and kitchen paper towel for an average household family! They are strongly sewn, making them durable for long-term use!
  • HIGHLY ABSORBENT AND MULTI-FUNCTIONAL | Our Unpaper Towels get the job done! Whether you’re cleaning the house, needing a quick wipe, or needing tissues and napkins, we got you covered.
  • RE-ROLLABLE ON THE INCLUDED CARDBOARD RING & EASY TO PULL | Unlike other brands, our Unpaper Towels are re-rollable without snaps! Plus, we include a cardboard ring for your kitchen holder, making the pulling quick and effortless! 
  • VALUE PACK! 24 PIECES, 8 COLORS |  10 Unpaper Towels are not enough. With 24 colorful towels, they’re sure to last before your next wash and you get to enjoy new colors in your kitchen every day!
  • INCREDIBLY SOFT COTTON FLANNEL | We’ve carefully selected our cotton flannel for its softness! No red nose or scratchy feel when they’re used as tissues or napkins!
  • MACHINE-WASHABLE & DRY-ABLE | Easily wash and dry the towels with your regular load in your washing and drying machine.

*Towel holder not included


Oils, stains, you name it! Whether it's a bigger cleaning session or just a quick wipe, we've got you covered! After washing our towels absorb even better!

Re-Rollable and Easy To pull

Re-rolling is a breeze! Simply stack the towels after washing and start rolling! It's easy because they naturally cling to each other, no snaps needed!

Super Soft
on the skin

Like a baby's skin! No really, our towels are super soft. We've selected it for this! This means they are perfect to use as tissues or napkins!

100% Cotton flannel

Sustainability is the goal! Each towel is made from 100% responsibly-sourced cotton flannel! This means they are recyclable after they've been fully used!

Machine Wash
and dryable

Keep your life easy! Our Unpaper Towels strongly sewn, making them suitable for machine-washing and drying on warm or hot settings!

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