Made from coconut husk and cellulose without any plastic-variants, guaranteeing biodegradable and compostable materials.


    The edges are stitched together as opposed to being just glued, allowing for a more durable sponge that lasts longer.


    The scrubber is made from coconut husk that is able to remove dirt and stain on your dishes without leaving unsightly scratches on them.


    The cellulose side of the sponge is highly absorbs liquids, making it efficient to clean up spills and messes.

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Plant-Based Sponges

ZeroWastely's 4-Pack Plant-Based Sponges offer powerful, eco-friendly cleaning. Made from 100% natural materials, these biodegradable sponges keep your kitchen spotless while caring for the planet.

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Plant-based Sponges

ZeroWastely's 8-Pack Plant-Based Sponges provide eco-friendly cleaning power for every corner of your kitchen. Made from 100% natural, biodegradable materials, these sponges deliver a spotless clean while supporting a sustainable lifestyle.

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Plant-based Sponges

Get maximum eco-friendly cleaning with ZeroWastely's 12-Pack Plant-Based Sponges. Crafted from 100% natural, biodegradable materials, these sponges offer lasting durability and an effective clean, all while being gentle on the environment.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What materials are the dish sponges made from?

ZeroWastely's dish sponges are made from natural, biodegradable materials such as cellulose and coconut fibers, ensuring they are eco-friendly and sustainable.

How long do the sponges last?

With regular use, ZeroWastely's dish sponges typically last 4-6 weeks, depending on the intensity and frequency of use. They are designed to be durable and effective throughout their lifespan.

Are the sponges safe for all types of dishes?

Yes, ZeroWastely's dish sponges are gentle enough for delicate items like glassware and non-stick cookware, yet tough enough to handle stubborn grease and grime.

How should I care for and maintain the sponges?

To extend the life of your sponge, rinse it thoroughly after each use and let it air dry. For a deeper clean, you can occasionally boil the sponge for a few minutes or microwave it (wet) for about 1 minute.

What should I do with the sponge once it’s worn out?

Once your ZeroWastely dish sponge has reached the end of its life, you can compost it, as it is made from biodegradable materials. This helps reduce waste and supports a zero-waste lifestyle.